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Employee engagement (EE) represents the biggest productivity and talent retention lever available to business, today. EE is the result of, and the reward for, leading and managing well.  Accordingly, employee engagement levels directly reflect both enterprise health and managerial competence.

97% of 1,124 responding Global CEOs 1 identified "access to, and retention of key talent" as the #1 source of "competitive advantage in sustaining growth over the long term".  Nothing enhances talent access and talent retention better than highly engaged employees.

In partnership with The Hackett Group, Vision21 developed "The EE Action Toolkit" to enable any company to systematically measure and manage employee engagement, superbly.   The EE Action Toolkit provides the entire EE knowledge package, as well as all of the enabling assessment and survey tools and defines the essential roles for business leaders, upper-middle managers, front-line managers and HR professionals, as mission-critical contributors to every successful EE campaign.

When asked, in a Business Week advice column, which measurements "give the best sense of a company's health", former GE Chairman and CEO, Jack Welch, replied: "Employee engagement first.  It goes without saying that no company, small or large, can win over the long run without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it.  That's why you need to take the measure of employee engagement at least once a year through anonymous surveys in which people feel completely safe to speak their minds."  Jack Welch put EE ahead of customer satisfaction and free cash flow, his next highest priority measures of business health.