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How We Work

We like to deliver value early in every engagement.  In most areas of our practice we offer easy first steps that yield fast results and keep on paying dividends for years.  This demonstrates our worth and builds confidence and commitment throughout the client organization.

We prefer project-oriented engagements with well defined services, expectations, timetables and fees.  When more appropriate, we provide services under retainer or other fee arrangements.

As part of every initial engagement, we invest time "off the meter", to sharpen our focus and improve our client perspective; we also take time to introduce tools and techniques that can underwrite successful business development, on multiple fronts.

Whether it's launching new products, increasing production throughput, identifying and retaining top performers, substantially increasing enterprise value or harnessing creative thinking ... Vision21 can expand business horizons, reduce risks, accelerate results and dramatically improve returns.  How may we help you?