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Thinking-enabled Enterprise doesn't cost more; it simply accomplishes more.  Thinking ability constitutes the ultimate business resource.  Thinking more, thinking better and thinking differently confers tremendous advantage.

Thinking skills can be taught, learned and practiced to proficiency.  Anyone can think more creatively and more productively.  Imagine the power available from upgrading the thinking capability of an entire organization.

We hear reference to "thinking outside the box".  The "box" metaphor depicts the confines of traditional thinking ability.  Those confines exert very powerful influences, stemming from the nature of the human mind and how "modern" societies tend to think.

The human mind forms patterns from information and uses those patterns to render judgments.  Since the time of Aristotle (2,400 years ago), people have used combinations of perception, logic, argument and judgment as their primary means of investigation, determination and persuasion.  Most business thinking conforms to these norms, labeled: "Vertical Thinking" by Dr. Edward de Bono, the world's foremost authority on thinking.

Aha! moments and jokes demonstrate that there are other ways to use our minds.  Both sensations depend upon finding unexpected combinations of available information that, in hindsight, exhibit logic, and therefore have value.  Both experiences require "escaping" established patterns. "Lateral Thinking" (deliberate creativity) provokes the same escape mechanisims of the human mind, to systematically generate the kind of creative possibilities that lead to breakthrough ideas.